Why You Need a CPAP Cleaner

 CPAP sanitation systems may not seem may at first seem very expensive and not worth it but I can tell you from personal experience they are exceptional at easing the care needed for your CPAP machine.  They reduce they amount of time needed to clean each individual...

CPAP – What Is It?

CPAP or Constant Positive Airway Pressure is a mode of artificial ventilation of the lungs with the creation of positive pressure in the airways after exhalation. Currently, CPAP-therapy is used for the treatment of snoring, sleep apnea treatment, arterial...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Edge Healthcare Solutions?

We are an affiliate business striving to provide healthcare options that are accessible, affordable, and of quality.

How do you choose options?

We look for options that are user friendly and accessible.  We review each company before providing them as a viable options for you so that you can get back to living your healthiest life!

What is your growth plan?

We hope that as time goes on we will be able to provide solutions for all walks of life including both professional and personal options.  If you have recommendations please feel free to reach out so that we can review all requests!