Personal Labs

We are excited to offer you access to personalabs and wellness checkups

  1.  – Over 400 lab tests on our website with access to thousands more
  2.  – 2,300 patient service centers for specimen collection
  3.  – Physician directed testing if you’re not sure which test you need
  4.  – Quick and confidential results released electronically, directly to your account
  5.  – Doctor consultations if you have questions regarding your results
  6.  – Prescriptions for sexually transmitted diseases, erectile dysfunction and oral contraceptives (birth control pills)

The process is easy. You create an account and purchase your desired test(s). We generate a requisition order that you will take to the lab with you to get tested. You then visit a local lab to provide your specimen. Once your specimen has been tested, the lab releases your results directly to your account. See how simple? Customer service agents are standing by to assist you if you need help along the way.