CPAPgel is specifically designed to create a thin, adaptable seal around the edge of your CPAP or BiPAP Mask cushion in order to keep air from escaping. The seal eliminates noise to improve overall sleep apnea therapy and control leak levels. CPAPgel restores dry skin and cracked lips, and reduces skin irritation caused by the Mask cushion. Users can loosen Mask headgear without compromising the efficiency of the seal. CPAPgel is comprised of all natural, non-petroleum ingredients with aloe to revitalize health of skin.The CPAPgel barrier keeps oils from the CPAP user’s skin from breaking down the silicone cushion. This will lengthen the life of the Mask cushion and prevent the silicone cushion from drying out and splitting.Using CPAPgel will greatly improve comfort and will restore Mask efficiency for a great night’s sleep! Available in a 4 oz. tube, which will last around 90 days.Features and Benefits:Significantly reduces air leaksStops annoying noisesImproves complianceIncreases comfortHelps to restore smooth and healthy skinFacial hair will not hinder effectiveness Reduces chafingProduct SpecificationsNon-petroleum ingredients, Aloe based4 oz. bottleI tube: 2-4 month supply – CPAP Gel

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