DreamStation Auto CPAP



DreamStation Auto has several advanced features that make settling into long term therapy, simple. The Daily Progress Feedback summary allows patients to monitor their therapy and see how the customized adjustments are helping. The DreamStation Auto will provide one pressure setting throughout the night. The DreamStation Auto also has a full color LCD display showcasing hours of use trends along with a summary of the previous 30 nights that have more than 4 hours of consistent therapy.Through advanced technology used to detect sleep disturbances and breathing irregularities the DreamStation Auto which then adjusts pressure flow to continue to keep airways open, unlike, the DreamStation CPAP which is a fixed pressure device that constantly delivers the same pressure.SmartRamp Technology – The DreamStation Auto includes SmartRamp technology which is an improvement to a traditional ramp. SmartRamp allows the machine to monitor your apnea events during ramp time. SmartRamp will adjust pressure when an event is detected without decreasing or exceeding the prescribed pressure. SmartRamp allows your machine to adjust to fit your specific apnea needs.Check Mask Fit – will allow for you to make sure you have the best possible fit with your Mask to ensure there are no leaks.A-Flex – The Dreamstation Auto has A-Flex technology to maximize comfort during use. Your DreamStation Auto will provide pressure relief during exhalation, creating a more natural breathing sensation. Opti-Start aids in the beginning of each night by correcting residual apnea events.The DreamStation Auto also include built-in wireless capabilities, via Bluetooth. The DreamMapper is a mobile self-management tool is can be used for goal-setting, providing status reports, feedback, helpful videos, helps promote compliance and better therapy result.Features and BenefitsAuto Pressure CPAP TherapyDaily Progress Feedback summarySmartRamp TechnologyA-Flex provides optimum level of comfort for userOpti-StartUser friendly design with front facing front for easy accessBright LCD displayCompatible with DreamStation Heated HumidifierRegular reminders to replace your filterBluetooth, Cellular and WiFi compatible ((additional modem accessory required for Cellular and WiFi)Winner of 2016 iF Design Award for Product DesignIncludesDreamStation Auto unitStandard 6-ft tubingFilterSD Card (installed)80W Power SupplyPower CordUser ManualTravel Bag – DreamStation Auto CPAP