Evenflo Milk Storage Bags (50 Ct.)



Evenflo milk storage bags are compatible with Evenflo Advanced Milk Storage Bag Adapters and other standard neck breast pump adapters. The bags use 30% less material than other bags to reduce waste and offer an eco-friendly storage solution. Evenflo Milk Storage Bags are made from a military-grade material for extra strength to resist tears and punctures. They maintain a thin design that allows milk to freeze and thaw faster. Specially designed seams allow the bags to stand on their own for convenience. The SafeZip dual-track zipper ensures the bag is sealed while in storage. The perforated, tear-off top creates a convenient spout when transferring milk from bag to bottle. Features: Durable military-grade material to prevent the bag from damage in the fridge 30% less material allows milk to freeze and thaw faster SafeZip dual-track zipper keeps milk safe and secure Use adapters to pump directly into bags — adapters not included Bags can stand up straight with flat bottom design Tear-off top creates convenient pour spout Made in the USA Includes: Pack of 20 – 5 fl. oz. Milk Storage Bags Evenflo Milk Storage Bags (50 Ct.)