Evenflo Silicone Steam Sanitizing Bag



To sanitize using the Silicone Steam Sanitizing Bag, simply add 2 oz. of water, your microwave-safe items, and place in the microwave for the instructed amount of time. The self-standing bag will maintain a stable upright position while in use, and the Safe-Grip corners provide a place for safer, cooler handling. This durable silicone bag is not only great for sanitizing, but can also be used for snacks, storage, and more. Features: Steam Sanitization Kills Harmful Germs and Bacteria: Sanitize your microwave-safe pump parts, bottles, and pacifiers to help kill harmful germs and bacteria. Use Repeatedly – Silicone can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions, and can last for decades! BPS-free, non-toxic, and FDA food-grade. 100% Silicone & Eco-Friendly: Reusable and more durable than plastic alternatives, this silicone bag creates less waste for the environment. Safe-Grip Corners: Provides a place for safer, cooler handling while in use. Self-Standing: Silicone Steam Sanitizing Bag maintains a stable upright position while in use. Extended Use: Safely store snacks, pump parts, travel essentials, and more! Great for Travel: The durable, yet flexible silicone bag folds easily for compact storage. Evenflo Silicone Steam Sanitizing Bag