Kiinde Direct-Pump Adapters



Using these Direct-Pump adapters, Kiinde Twist Pouch™ breastmilk storage pouches twist-lock onto pumps from ALL major brands, for leak-free, transfer-free pumping, directly into the pouch. Allows you to pump, store, organize, warm and feed using the same pouch! The Kiinde Twist™ system completely eliminates the need to transfer precious milk from bottles to bags and back again! Direct-Pump adapters can also be used to adapt nipples from a wide range of brands to Twist Pouches – for gas-free, transfer-free feeding directly from Twist Pouches, using the nipple of your choice. After pumping into Twist Pouches: Store and organize pouches in the Kiinde Keeper™ breastmilk holder and organizer Thaw and warm quickly and safely using the Kiinde Kozii™ breastmilk warmer and bottle warmer with steam-free SafeHeat™ technology Feed transfer-free, gas-free, and hassle-free using the Kiinde Squeeze™ natural feeding bottle with Active Latch™ nipples. Kiinde Direct-Pump Adapters