Lansinoh Breast Milk Collection Containers, 4 Ct



Lansinoh Breastmilk Collection Containers safely store breast milk after pumping. Lansinoh’s Pump-Store-Feed system allows moms to pump directly into the bottles and either feed baby right away or store breast milk with sealing lids. These breast milk storage bottles come with lids specially designed to prevent leaks. The sealing disk prevents spills and ensures freshness. The bottles can be safely stored in the freezer without compromising the quality of the breast milk. When it’s time to feed baby, moms can simply unscrew the lid and attach the Lansinoh NaturalWave Nipple. Use soap and warm water in the to clean or put in the bottles in the dishwasher. Features: BPA free Hassle-free breast milk storage Bottles fit most other standard sized nipples Safely store in the freezer Wash in the sink or dishwasher Includes: 4 – breast milk storage bottles Lansinoh Breast Milk Collection Containers, 4 Ct