Medela 5 Oz. Breast Milk Bottle



The Medela 5 oz. Breastmilk bottles allow moms to pump, store and feed their baby with one simple container. Attach a tight-sealing lid to the bottle for storage or a attach a nipple for feeding. Easy to read measurement markers let you pump, store or feed a specific amount of milk. The bottles are BPA-free for the health and safety of baby. They are dishwasher safe for hassle-free cleaning. Even more, these bottles come with a travel cap to protect the bottle nipple from getting dirty. The Medela 5 oz. Breastmilk Bottle is a convenient way for mothers to reach their breastfeeding goals. Features: Can be used with any of the Medela breast pumps Pump or store the amount of milk you want to with easy to read measurement markers on the side of the bottle Clean the bottle with warm soapy water in the sink or in the dishwasher Travel cap keeps the bottle nipple clean Made without BPA for your peace of mind and baby’s health Includes: 1 – 5 oz. breastmilk bottle 1 – Wide base slow-flow silicone nipple 1 – Solid lid 1 – Collar 1 – Travel cap Medela 5 Oz. Breast Milk Bottle