Medela Calma With 5 Oz. Bottle



The Medela Calma uses an innovative nipple that allows your baby to easily transition from bottle to breast. Milk only flows from the Calma nipple when baby creates suction — similar to the way they breastfeed. Since your baby controls the flow of milk, they are able to pause and take breaths while feeding. This feature also ensures that the bottle won’t drip when held upside down. It is compatible with all Medela bottles and is dishwasher and microwave safe. Features: Vented nipple helps prevent gassiness — the bottle is vented through an air-control system The bottle successfully mimics natural feeding from the breast to ensure an easy transition from bottle to breast Flow control valve only allows milk flow when baby creates suction The bottle won’t drip when turned upside down Nipple size is suitable for all babies — the Calma is designed for babies of all ages Compatible with all Medela bottles Microwave safe Dishwasher safe BPA free parts Includes: 1 – Calma nipple with lid 1 – 5oz (150mL) breast milk bottle, 2 lids and 1 cap Medela Calma With 5 Oz. Bottle