Methadone Urine Test


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Methadone is a highly addictive drug similar to morphine, used for severe pain relief. Overdose may produce nausea, vomiting, reduced blood pressure, lowered heart rate and respiratory rate, lowered mental ability and sedation.

Recommended For:
Monitoring narcotic rehabilitation treatment, drug abuse overdose, severe pain relief treatment mornitoring.

Special Notes:
No special preparation is necessary prior to urine sample collection.

Tests Included:
Methadone Urine Screen – TC – 7176
Confirmation (If confirmation is performed, additional CPT code(s)/charges will apply.)

Estimated Turn Around For Results:
2-10 Business Days
For an exact turnaround time for results, please contact us at Personalabs and we will contact the lab on your behalf as turnaround times vary depending on testing location or lab testing provider.