Mojo® 2 Full Face Mask with CPAP Headgear (Small)



Features Patented Custom Fit TechnologyCustom-fit the Mask for all facial features. Forming the Mask can often improve fit instead of depending on increasing headgear tension. Minor adjustments can make a major difference in seal. When using the custom fit technology it is as simple as Flex, Fit, Forget.AIR°gel®Softer than skin AIR°gel® provides maximum comfort while minimizing weight. The Advanced Cushion Technology is designed to create a seal with minimal pressure. Reducing pressure lowers irritations which improves overall compliance.Forehead Cushion and Adjustment KnobRemoves pressure from the bridge of the nose for a personalized fit. Magnetic Headgear Connectorsmagnetic headgear clips are the ideal solution for fast Mask removal.360° Rotating SwivelFor optimal tube positioning and easier mobility.Oxygen PortAllows easy delivery of supplemental oxygen.Available in Vented, Non-vented, and AAV – using colored elbows to the non-vented Masks.Size Indicator Available in three sizes S/M/L/ XL – Mojo® 2 Full Face Mask with CPAP Headgear (Small)

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