Phillips Respironics Dreamwear Full Face Mask CPAP Headgear



The Philips Respironics DreamWear Full Face Mask connects at the top of the Mask instead of at the nose bridge, to provide freeing comfort that allows you to sleep without becoming entangled in your hose.Have more freedom as you sleep with the lightweight and ultra comfortable DreamWear Full Face Mask. This Mask has a new, innovative air tube connection at the top of the head so you can rest without getting tangled in tubing all night. The unique in-frame airflow creates a soft, weightless feel so you can quickly and easily drift to dreamland every single night. The comfortable headgear ensures you maintain the Mask’s seal without having to over tighten the straps. The four adjustable straps are made of soft fabric and foam that rests on the back of the head to stabilize the Mask.How to fit the headgearPosition the frame on the top of the headPull headgear down until it sits across the back of your head To adjust the Mask, peel the headgear tabs away from the fabricAdjust the strap length evenly to ensure a loose, comfortable fitPress the tabs back against the fabric to reattach This CPAP Mask was developed by Philips Respironics to provide extreme comfort by eliminating the discomfort and hassle of having a tube connect at the nose bridge. As a result, this freeing design prevents both irritation and red marks to make your CPAP treatment feel like a dream. – Phillips Respironics Dreamwear Full Face Mask CPAP Headgear