ResMed Mirage Activa CPAP Nasal Mask Complete System



ResMed’s Mirage Activa™ nasal Mask uses ActiveCell™ technology to automatically adapt to the changing sleep positions of the user. It allows the Mask frame to move independently of the cushion, which helps the cushion stay in place and maintain a seal during active sleep. This exclusive auto stabilizing cushion technology, provides a unique patient interface that reduces the need for tightening of the headgear to ensure a leak free fit and improved patient comfort and compliance, regardless of sleep position.Features and BenefitsActiveCell™ technology creates fewer leaks throughout the night by automatically adjusting it’s seal when the sleeper movesThe cushion clip snaps on and off for convenient Mask cleaningThe one-snap elbow makes removing the air tube while the Mask is still on quick and easyForehead support is adjustable and has four options for positioning to create the best seal possible and stabilize the frame – ResMed Mirage Activa CPAP Nasal Mask Complete System

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