ResMed P10 AirMini Setup Pack (CPAP Mask Included)



The ResMed P10 Nasal Pillows Mask for the AirMini utilizes a simple to assemble system with the same great features as a regular P10 Mask. ResMed’s lightweight AirFit P10 nasal pillows Mask delivers high-level performance, comfort, and reliability, along with providing advanced air diffusion that is barely audible, significantly reducing disturbance for you and your bed partner.The key-clip nasal pillows feature color-coded sizing and left/right orientation for fast and easy fitting. Easily put your Mask on and take it off without making major adjustments. The trampoline action allows you to move around without breaking the seal of the Mask. – ResMed P10 AirMini Setup Pack (CPAP Mask Included)