Roscoe Medical Sapphire Nasal Mask – with CPAP Headgear



The Roscoe Sapphire Nasal Mask is an exceptional solution to common nasal Mask discomfort. Through innovative features and advanced technologies, this Mask successfully seals the Mask on the patients skin without causing irritation. The 3D cushion avoids sensitive pressure points that traditionally cause discomfort. Patients fall asleep much easier without skin irritation.The advanced forehead support feature uses a silicone pad to keep the Mask in place. The five adjustment options allow patients to reach their individual comfort setting. Furthermore, the quick release headgear feature allows patients to easily remove their headgear and Mask without having to reset their comfort settings. Patients can stop and start therapy faster and with greater ease.Features and BenefitsLight weight Mask and frame avoids common discomforts and reduces skin irritation3D Cushion: Effectively maintains a tight seal to avoid leaks while being sensitive on skinForehead Pad: Adjustable silicone padSize Options: Small, medium and largeQuick Release Headgear: Allows patients to remove their headgear without altering personalized comfort settingsAir vent: Successfully reduces noiseLatex freePurchase includes: Frame, 3D cushion, adjustable forehead pad, headgear, clips, and user manual with care instructions – Roscoe Medical Sapphire Nasal Mask – with CPAP Headgear