Rumina Classic Coverage Tank in White, Size X-Large



Rumina’s Hands-Free Pumping Bra & Nursing Tank has a built-in seamless bra that allows for effortless pumping and breastfeeding without sacrificing shape and support. The bra gives you all the functionality you’ve come to love in a nursing tank. This tank allows you to pump and nurse discreetly, without revealing your tummy, disrobing or adding extra garments. Enjoy a tank without holes, zippers, velcro and other fastening pieces. This tank looks like a regular tank but allows you to pump or nurse whenever you need to. Use the simple pull-down feature for skin-to-skin nursing or use the built-in bra feature for hands-free pumping. Wear this tank all day at work, playing with your kids, or even at yoga class. The cotton and spandex material is flexible and comfortable for your active lifestyle. Features: Discreet nursing tank can be worn under work clothes or casual clothes Hands-free pumping Skin-to-skin contact while nursing with the pull-down cups Comfortable cotton and spandex fabric supports an active lifestyle Use as a maternity tank and then easily transition to pumping and nursing postpartum No holes, zippers, velcro or any other openings on the outer layer of the tank Pumping Instructions: Un-hook the nursing clasps to access the pumping bra Lift the outer layer and pull down the mid layer Move the third, inner-most layer to the side to reveal your nipple and to create an opening to place the breast shield Position the breast shield on your nipple Release all three layers to secure the shields on your breasts Specifications: Colors: White, Black, Nude, Chocolate Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large Materials: 95% Soft jersey knit cotton & 5% Spandex Blend Care: Hand washing is recommended but washing on the normal cycle won’t hurt the tank. To avoid damage, do not wash with the following: Dark materials Velcro Hook-and-eye clasps Heavy materials like jeans Rumina Classic Coverage Tank in White, Size X-Large

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