Sleepweaver 3D Nasal Mask and CPAP Headgear



The new SleepWeaver 3D CPAP Mask and Headgear has an improved design with more flexible materials. The flexible materials can accommodate patients with a variety of face shapes and head sizes. The Sleepweaver 3D Mask is ideal for patients who primarily breathe through their nose.The cotton material eliminates fogging that often occurs with plastic Masks. This unique material keeps skin dry and comfortable. Cloth materials also have the unique benefit of eliminating the need for a nasal cushion. The headgear straps sit above and below the ears, providing comfort and stability with creating marks on the skin. The unique design allows patients to wear glasses or watch TV while wearing the Mask.In addition to a comfortable headgear design, the permanent 360º swivel allows the patient to position the tubing in a variety of positions. This feature accommodates many different sleeping positions.Features and BenefitsMade with a soft and lightweight cotton materialCotton material eliminate skin irritation from plastic materialsQuiet ventilation system won’t disturb the patient’s bed partnerThe Sleepweaver fit guide makes fitting the Mask simple and hassle-freeThe Mask seal is comfortable and effectiveCompatible with most CPAP and BiPAP machinesThe Mask is easy to clean and storeCheck out this helpful video about the Sleepweaver 3D Nasal Mask – Sleepweaver 3D Nasal Mask and CPAP Headgear