Stool Culture for Yersinia Blood Test


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This stool test is used to isolate and identify an infection caused by the Yersinia enterocolitica bacterial species. This test is separate for a rountine “Stool Culture” because special methods are required to culture and test this organism.

Recommended For:
Diagnosing infection with yersinia enterocolitica.

Special Notes:
No special preparation is necessary prior to sample collection.

Tests Included:
Stool Culture for Yersinia – TC – 4487
Culture for Yersinia only
Isolation, identification (additional charges/CPT code[s])
CPT coding for microbiology and virology procedures often cannot be determined before the culture is performed.

Estimated Turn Around For Results:
2-10 Business Days
For an exact turnaround time for results, please contact us at Personalabs and we will contact the lab on your behalf as turnaround times vary depending on testing location or lab testing provider.