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The QuantiFERON-TB Gold Test is a blood test used to detect Tuberculosis (TB), a serious infectious disease that mainly affects the lungs but can spread to other areas of the body such as the central nervous system, urinary tract and other organs.  TB is highly contagious and is spread through the air when an individual coughs or sneezes.

Some symptoms of Tuberculosis are:

  • Coughing that lasts three or more weeks
  • Coughing up blood
  • Chest pain, or pain with breathing or coughing
  • Fatigue or weakness
  • Fever, chills
  • Night sweats
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss (unintentional)

The TB Skin Test requires several visits to your physician’s office and is not always accurate as it has been known to provide false-negative and false-positive results. With the QuantiFERON-TB Test, you will only need to get your blood drawn once and results are accurate using sophisticated technology to measure your immune system’s reaction to TB bacteria.

For more information on TB Blood Testing vs. TB Skin Testing please click here 

Recommended For:
Diagnosis of Tuberculosis; Those who need to provide documentation to their employer, school or military agency for clearance. Those who have low immune systems or are HIV positive are more prone to contracting TB.

Special Notes:
No special preparation is necessary prior to blood sample collection.

Tests Included
QuantiFERON-TB – TC  – 19453

Estimated Turn Around For Results:
2-10 Business Days
For an exact turnaround time for results, please contact us at Personalabs and we will contact the lab on your behalf as turnaround times vary depending on testing location or lab testing provider.