Veraseal® 3 Full Face Vented Mask with CPAP Headgear (Small)



An affordable full face Mask using CPAP’s lightest gelThe Sleepnet V3 Full Face CPAP Mask is a cost-effective full face Mask option.Despite its low price, it has features of premium Mask offerings, including an AirGel cushion.AirGel is the lightest CPAP gel cushioning available; weighing 50% less than conventional gels and providing twice as much adaptability. This reduces pressure points and skin irritation.It also has adjustable forehead support, allowing you to change the angle to suit. The forehead pad also uses AirGel.Quick-release, breathable headgear is also included.The low price of this Mask makes it an ideal backup option for nasal Mask users. Inevitably a cold or other nasal.sinus issue will make it difficult to maintain effective therapy using a nasal Mask, so having a full face Mask on-hand for those periods is a prudent approach.Looking for a long-term AirGel full face CPAP Mask?While we suggest the V3 makes a cost-effective backup option, it can also be used as your first-choice CPAP Mask. However, if you are looking for a new first-time gel Mask, you might want to consider these other options from the same manufacturer, Sleepnet:Ascend Full Face – very similar to the V3 but with a replaceable cushion, making it more cost-effective in the long term. A CPAP cushion typically lasts around 6 months of daily use; with the V3 the whole Mask would need replacing whereas the Ascend’s replaceable cushions are significantly cheaper. The Ascend also comes with three sizes in the pack, preventing the need to use a sizing gauge.Mojo 2 – Unlike the V3 or Ascend, the Mojo 2 has a flexible frame, allowing you to change the shape of the cushion to suit your face. This makes it an excellent option for those who are having difficulty finding a CPAP Mask that provides a good seal, as you can adjust the shape to tackle any problem spots.Whatever you need from a full face CPAP Mask, there’s a Sleepnet AirGel Mask to suit. – Veraseal® 3 Full Face Vented Mask with CPAP Headgear (Small)

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