CPAP sanitation systems may not seem may at first seem very expensive and not worth it but I can tell you from personal experience they are exceptional at easing the care needed for your CPAP machine.  They reduce they amount of time needed to clean each individual part of the machine and enhance your overall sleep quality.  

Most sanitation systems require very little maintenance and only require about 5 – 10 minutes until cleaning has been completed.  During this process ultraviolet light and/or oxygen are utilized to remove pathogens from your system.  Over time, these machines can pay for themselves in time, energy, and cost because you will be able to reduce the overall need to change your accessories.  

Below are three amazing options to explore: Lumin, Sleep 8 and SoClean

I personally have utilized the So Clean sanitation system.  This device comes with adapters for the leading CPAP machines and simply utilize 03 to sanitize your system. This system does not utilize water and instead has a simple cartridge that can be replaced and no fragrances are utilized.  The machine does make a buzzing noise while working however it can be conveniently scheduled for mid day to avoid waking loved ones.  So Clean has released a 2nd generation as well so definitely check it out! 

Sleep 8 is a much smaller unit and tends to be a little less costly and portable.  This unit comes with a charger and takes only 90 minutes to get to a full charge.  Great for that traveling user! This unit works off of ozone and does not utilize water just like the So Clean unit and boasts safety features to reduce any O3 leaks.  

Lumin works differently than both the So Clean and Sleep 8 devices.  Instead of utilizing O3, this unit utilizes Ultraviolet lights to clean your accessories.  It takes a convenient 5 minutes to clean the machine!